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라마르조코 머신으로 내린 오피스 커피

“휴게실에 라마르조코 머신을 비치하면 당신의 직장생활이 더 행복해 집니다. 생산성 향상은 물론, 즉석 라테아트 대회를 여는 등 직장생활을 풍요롭게 하는 훌륭한 투자입니다. 우리는 최고의 커피를 제공함은 물론, 머신 설치 및 관리를 담당할 오피스 커피 파트너를 찾았습니다.

오피스 에스프레소가 대세입니다. 관련 최신 기사들을 읽어보세요.


We created a website and card to help convince your boss to install a La Marzocco in your office.
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    Office Coffee Made Easy

    Here are the services our partners provide:


    Your machine will be installed and set up to start making delicious espresso beverages by trained technicians


    You will receive barista training so that your staff will be able to make their own drinks and compete for the title of Best Barista.

    Fresh Roasted Coffee

    Some of the best local coffee will be delivered to your office fresh from the roaster.


    Serving Seattle, Portland, SF and LA

    Headquartered in coffee-loving Seattle, Blue Tiger Coffee Service is committed to providing freshly roasted coffee to offices around the country. Whether you want the best coffee your local community has to offer or the best that America’s artisan roasters have to offer, you can get it delivered fresh to your office with Blue Tiger. It’s espresso worth leaving your office for, only now you don’t have to. Visit BlueTigerCoffee.com

    Serving Chicago

    A Workwell food and beverage experiences are about having options. Our convenience concepts for the workplace are customized for the needs of every office and every user. We pride ourselves on our relationships with food and beverage purveyors that embrace individuality and quality above all else. We celebrate originality in all that we do, and this translates into uniquely personalized programs that you won’t find anywhere else. Visit getworkwell.com

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